About Us

Moyra was established in Hungary over 20 years ago and remains one of the leading brands for nail technicians, educators and competition winners in Europe.

Unique, innovative new products are continually being developed and are now distributed to over 40 countries worldwide

All products are manufactured according to strict EU regulations and have been tried and tested with amazing results for over two decades.

Moyra products were first introduced to the UK in 2016.

The ethos of Moyra UK is to provide safe, EU compliant, high quality, affordable products to nail professionals, to offer excellent customer service and access to information on best practice and safe working.

Education is important to Moyra UK and we have an extensive range of accredited courses and look to add more online material in the near future.

Moyra Hungary made the decision not to proceed with a matched lamp some years ago, with the ethos of educating nail technicians to understand the curing process and how to test the performance of their lamps regularly. At Moyra UK we have tested several lamps with our products and can therefore advise our customers regarding purchasing lamps which we know will correctly cure our products. This is a unique service and not only does it save nail technicians the expense of a branded lamp but it also improves their knowledge of the curing process.