About Us

Moyra was established in Hungary over 20 years ago and remains one of the leading brands for nail technicians, educators and competition winners in Europe.

Unique, innovative new products are continually being developed and are now distributed to over 40 countries worldwide

All products are manufactured according to strict EU regulations and have been tried and tested with amazing results for over two decades.

Our story and the journey we've taken

Hi from Cheryl & Vonny!

Cheryl Ogden is a multi-award winning nail technician, nail artist and educator with 30 years industry experience. Having previously worked with two leading professional nail brands, she made the decision to hone her skills and open a training academy. She discovered Moyra in 2013 and fell in love with the nail art products and began looking into the possibilities of bringing the products to the UK. After travelling to Budapest in 2016, Cheryl became the owner of Moyra UK and was granted exclusivity to sell Moyra products in the UK. The brand gained huge popularity, with the stamping system quickly becoming a best seller.

Vonny Tuckley opened a home nail salon (Nailcraft by Vonny) in 2016 and discovered Moyra at the 2017 Beauty UK show, where Moyra UK were the main sponsor, with an impressive stand. She fell in love with the stamping system and nail art products instantly and has used the products in her nail services and teaching ever since! Vonny became a brand ambassador for Moyra UK in February 2022 and after receiving training for the gel, acrylgel and the hard gel systems, she was convinced that this was the perfect brand for her and completely rebranded.

We are both based in the East Midlands and have been friends for a number of years. It soon became apparent that we had the same passion for the industry and for the brand, so when the proposition of business partner was mentioned, we jumped at the chance! We regularly meet to discuss all things Moyra, ways to improve our content and to make future plans.

Distribution of products, marketing and media are equally shared by both of us. The ethos of Moyra UK is to provide safe, EU compliant, high quality, affordable products to nail professionals, to offer excellent customer service and access to information on best practice and safe working.

Education is important to Moyra UK. With Cheryl’s expert knowledge of learning and education spanning 20 years, along with Vonny’s passion for research and teaching, we make a great team! Moyra UK have a extensive range of accredited courses and look to add more online material in the near future.

Moyra Hungary made the decision not to proceed with a matched lamp some years ago, with the ethos of educating nail technicians to understand the curing process and how to test the performance of their lamps regularly. At Moyra UK we have tested several lamps with our products and can therefore advise our customers regarding purchasing lamps which we know will correctly cure our products. This is a unique service and not only does it save nail technicians the expense of a branded lamp but it also improves their knowledge of the curing process.

Our best sellers are undoubtedly the stamping system, with Flexi builder bases and acrylgel not far behind.

Trying to choose one favourite Moyra product is impossible, however, Cheryl’s passion lies in art and painting, so the Stamping & Painting gels are a firm favourite. Vonny has always been an acrylgel tech and loves the combination of using the Fusion acrylgel system along with Flexi or hard gel.

We are very excited about the future of Moyra UK and with exciting new products in the pipeline, regular trips to Budapest and plans for roadshows and events to look forward to, we can’t wait to bring the brand to the next generation of nail professionals - we hope you will join us on our next steps for the future of this exciting brand!